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Creating Again
Book by
Dodo Newman

Book available soon!


My Story - A journey to my creative Self

I wrote this book from my own life experiences as an artist, woman and mother, taking the reader through my journey of past struggles and deepest pain of almost giving up creating art and life some years ago, and how I found courage to transform and create again.


My personal story offers the reader a mirror to dive deep into their own darkest places, to find courage to face their own struggles, to discover new perspectives and to rise, grow and create again in all areas of their lives.

This last year of pandemic, has been one of the most difficult ones for everyone around the world, especially for creatives, artists like myself - challenging them to re-evaluate who they are. This is why I wrote this inspirational, teaching memoir now. Many creatives find themselves with the same struggles as I went through some years ago, facing major spiritual and existential struggles and challenges.


This is the right time for transformation as a whole because creation is growth not only in art but in life’s all areas.

Unlock your creative energies